Derriera - booty channel
ASSETZ - ’I am my greatest asset’ : Shannon-Bridget in Dubai and...

Shannon-Bridget Instagram

...modelling for Asos : ’ICYMI... we went to Dubai and served some serious sparkling looks, until next time dubai 🌴’

Asos Instagram

PLACE YOUR MSG - where it is easily seen, like...

Mabel Instagram

...Mabel here.

Mabel Instagram

BOTTY BY - Bottega Veneta, appropriately, chain by...

Bottega Veneta Instagram

...BV as well, presumably.

Botega Veneta

FASHION BLOG - ’My standards are high, your chances are low’ (Alexandra Guerain, blogger) and...

Alexandra Guerain Instagram

...my butt is round. Is yours?

Alexandra Guerain Instagram

BIG SISTER - dancer Mackenzie Ziegler went to...

Mackenzie Ziegler Instagram

...the LA premiere of Charlie’s Angels with...

Mackenzie Ziegler Instagram

...older sister Maddie : spot the family resemblance (scroll down)


D/A/M - dancer / actress / model Maddie Ziegler in her outfit for the LA premiere of ’Charlie’s Angels’ is...

Maddie Ziegler Instagram

...proof that dancing keeps you in shape.

Maddie Ziegler Instagram

BRIONKA - no surname necessary. Greece one day...

Brionka Halbert Instagram


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