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UFC 241 - president Dana White considers the show, the return of...

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...Nate Diaz and analyses...


...the latest Connor McGregor fight. The Champ Champ...

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...’wouldn’t change a goddam thing’.

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RUIZ REMATCH - latest from Andy :’To my fans and supporters im looking forward to #ruizjoshua2 . My team and Eddie Hearn continue talking and working on the details to make it happen.!🥊’ In the meantime, posing with..

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...a white Roller : ’Ready for anything’

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IRON ENERGY - a product from ’Iron’...

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...Mike Tyson : ’You can now get my energy drink #IronEnergy at #Aldi California stores’. Clothing available at...

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...the website for the Hotboxin’ podcast : ’Podcast hosted by Mike Tyson featuring celebrities, athletes, and brilliant minds’. Watch him sample...
Hotboxin' Podcast

...another product on Hotboxin’ YouTube with rapper Jim Jones.

Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

RETIREMENT - newly retired as a boxer, promoter David Haye at Joe Joyce vs Ivica weigh in. Joyce reckons Haye’s new focus will boost his heavyweight title ambition but l.bundock msg ’What’s this ?? Super heavyweight vs fat middleweight?’

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KING OF KICKBOXING - Rico Verhoeven retained his heavyweight title in GLORY 54 at Birmingham : weighing over 18 stone, the 6’5 Dutchman is a sparring / training partner of Tyson Fury

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STILL KING - unanimous decision on 7th consecutive title defense for Rico Verhoeven did not please everyone : The One msg ’One is Obese the other one only wins on Points, please Glory sign some new Heavyweights and make the Division exiting again’. The One probs means’exciting’ rather than ’exiting’!


RICO MOVES - check out recent action from champ Rico Verhoeven



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