Derriera - booty channel
B&W / COLOUR - ’Get me to the sea side already....

Daisy Lowe Instagram

...take me to the beach!’ OK, Daisy, keep your shirt on.

Daisy Lowe Instagram

STYLE EXPERT - Sydney Sadick goes backless for collecting her coffee, favours...

Sydney Sadick Instagram

...Daisy Dukes for a sunny day and...

Sydney Sadick Instagram

...bikini for the beach.

Sydney Sadick Instagram

SPANISH - for ’booty’ is...Derriera looking it up now, swipe 👉🏼 while you wait. This is Spanish singer...

Ana Mena Instagram

...Ana Mena with a visual guide : swipe 👉🏼 once more.

Ana Mena Instagram

’YES, I SWEAR - I still make music’ : Normani (swipe 👉🏼) makes an appearance (clothed, just about) in WAP. 👇

Normani Instagram

WAP - listen to the lyrics, it means...

Cardi B Instagram

...’wet-ass pussy’ according to...

Cardi B

...Cardi B, who is joined by...

Cardi B Instagram

...Megan Thee Stallion : ’Oh you getting flooded today bayyybeeee’. Look out for...

Megan Thee Stallion Instagram

...guest appearance from fellow buttista Kylie J. So, WAP means gwap for three booties.

Kylie Jenner Instagram

BELLASSIMA - good things come to those who swipe 👉🏼 x3!

Bella Hadid Instagram

NAME THAT B - bikini is Inamorata, booty is...

Inamorata Instagram

...Emily Ratajkowski!

Emily Ratajkowski Instagram

MODEL - philosopher Priscila Cavaliere (left, with Laura Muro 👇) : ’Sometimes...

Laura Muro Instagram

...you have to turn everything upside down to...

Priscila Cavaliere Instagram

...see more clearly.✨✨💓’

Priscila Cavaliere Instagram

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