...Sussex Royal Instagram as...
Sussex Royal Instagram

Derriera - booty channel
THE VORDERBUTT - belongs to Carol Vorderman. ’Thank you for letting me wriggle into this dress’ and...

Carol Vorderman Instagram

...this one : go to 1:24 and...

GATV Reality Gossip News!

...this one : go to 1:30. It’s all...

GATV Reality Gossip News!

...down to walking. A lot!

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SPANX - ’Stay home and #fliptheswitch❗’


B&W BOOTY - ’Words mine 📝 bottom sadly not 🍑’ says Jenn George, ELLE UK...

Jenn George Instagram

...Beauty Editor : ’Every other beauty editor at the @chanel.beauty shoot: looks like they’ve taken lessons in the perfect pose 💁🏼‍♀️ Me at the @chanel.beauty shoot: looks like I’ve taken a longgggg hit of a joint 😑’

Jenn George Instagram

RHoC - ’Real Housewife of Cheshire’ Christine McGuinness looks down...

Christine McGuinness Instagram

...to contemplate lockdown : thomas_hillan msg ’Dam girl she is serving you Kim Kardashian Realness 😍😍’

Christine McGuinness Instagram

BOOTY BY - Celeste, who can...

Celeste Instagram

...sing a bit!


STAYING IN SHAPE - with Nicole S : ’In case you need a bit of motivation this weekend’

Nicole Scherzinger Instagram

BL - before lockdown in Marbella : bootiful days!

BACKGRID Instagram

TWEEDISTA - Laura Nofer loves...

Laura Nofer Instagram

...summer sun and...

Laura Nofer Instagram

...winter sun as well.

Laura Nofer Instagram

MORE BOOTY - than you can shake a stick at : Women’s Day remembered by...

Giorgina Clavarino Instagram

...Giorgina Clavarino. Is she there? Here’s a clue.

Giorgina Clavarino Instagram


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