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GOING GLOBAL - ’It was such a honour to be picked up in The Sunday Telegraph today talking about how my workouts have helped people all over the world 💃🧚🏻‍♀️💋💋’ Fitness / nutrition expert Lucy Wyndham-Read...

Lucy Wyndham-Read Instagram

...specialises in 7-minute workouts on her YouTube channel. Check out...

Lucy Wyndham-Read YouTube

...her Instagram.

Lucy Wyndham-Read Instagram

15 YEAR OLD - Claudia Conway, the daughter of...

Claudia Conway Instagram

...Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to Donald Trump, supports...


...Black Lives Matter and...

Claudia Conway Instagram

...uses her TikTok (@ShortFakeBlonde) to troll the Prez and his supporters!

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KING INFLUENCER - Prince Charles the ’King of Instagram’ due to...

Clarence House Instagram

...huge increase in traffic on his Clarence House Instagram : ’I do not doubt that the work will be unglamorous and, at times, challenging’.

Clarence House Instagram

SWEAT KING - dancer / choreographer / dance studio owner Ryan Heffington has...

Ryan Heffington Instagram

...gone global with his free 1 hour Sweatfest dance sessions available...

q on cbc

...5 days a week on Instagram. Here’s one - remember it’s a 60 minute danceathon!

Ryan Heffington Instagram

NORMAL - Paris Fashion Week for fashion writer Katherine Ormerod, new normal is...

Katherine Ormerod Instagram

...lockdown looks at home.

Katherine Ormerod Instagram

SUPER YOGI - is Adriene Mishler the world’s...

Adriene Mishler

...biggest online yoga teacher? Probably. Check out....

Yoga with Adriene

...her YouTube channel.


VICTORIA’S SECRET - the lingerie retailer has engaged the services of Chinese actress super- influencers with tens of millions of followers : Yang Mi becomes the brand’s Asia ambassador and...

Yang Mi

...Zhou Dongyu is appointed face for China.

Zhou Dongyu Instagram

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