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FASHION DESIGNER - Batsheva Hay has started in homeware. Her personal closet should give a clue regarding...


...her first chairs and cushions.

Batsheva Home

HILARY DUFF - ’think I may be living in this sweater and skirt dream the next few months’ and...

Hilary Duff Instagram

...this is where she lives with her chicken coop.

Architectural Digest

TOP MODEL - Rosie HW, aka Mrs Jason Statham, ready for...

Rosie Huntington- Whiteley Instagram

...Lockdown 2.0 with her...

Rosie Huntington- Whiteley Instagram

...couch from interior designer Rose Uniacke. Check out...

Rose Uniacke Instagram

...her ’impeccably decorated Neo-Georgian London home’.


’GREEN DOOR - what’s that secret you’re keepin’?’ ’Glamour - Evangelist💄’ Dita Von Teese is on set here. Take...

Dita Von Teese Instagram

...a look inside her 1927 ’English Tudor’. Want to...

Dita Von Teese Instagram

...see more? Her own front door is not green and she really loathes white walls.

Architectural Digest

SHOW TIME - ’@bellwayhomes know how to style a show home that’s for sure!’ : interiors blogger Jade Vanriel checks out...

Jade Vanriel Instagram

...how they did a 1 bed show flat in Dartford.

Jade Vanriel

PITCHED BLACK - new 4 bed south London home of architect Rhys Cannon cost £600,000 to build (inc £150,000 on basement foundations). It was...

Pitched Black Instagram

...featured in the Financial Times. More...

Pitched Black Instagram

...info and interior pics on the Gruff Architects website.

Gruff Architects

LEGS 11 - ’New 🦵New🦵New🦵’ object of desire ’🦵Coming soon 🦵Stay tuned 🦵’ to Anissa Kermiche! More...

Anissa Kermiche Instagram

...objets for the home at the website.

Anissa Kermiche

SUPERMODEL - Claudia Schiffer and one of the staircases at...

Claudia Schiffer Instagram

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