SHOULDER DANCING - rhythmic movements from the shoulders up only, often done while seated : the modern equivalent of 1950s hand jiving done when there was no room on the dance floor

Hand Jive Dance YouTube

SOLUTIONING - officespeak for ’finding a solution for’ or ’solving’ a problem, as in ’We are solutioning the problem’
NEXT PART - Daniel Craig dons blue suit and bow tie to refresh himself with a day’s work on a Heineken commercial in Spain before Bond 25 : director Danny Boyle starts shooting at Pinewood Studios in December. Slay!

danielcraigofficialfans Instagram

SLAY! - exclamation meaning ’I love it!’ as in ’Just saw the new Bond film. Slay!’
CELEB CHURCH - Hailey Baldwin, new face of Fendi, just one of the A-list answering the call of Brian and Bobbie Houston, ’Global Senior Pastors’ of Hillsong Church (hillsong.com) : other rumoured congregants have surnames like Kardashian, Jenner and Bieber so the big question is ’Has Hillsong Gone Celebrity?’

Brittany Valadez YouTube

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