FULL DUPLEX - term used by AI industry for ability to engage in human-like verbal conversations
GOOGLE BOT - Google Duplex technology to be tested within Assistant this summer ’to help users make restaurant reservations, schedule hair salon appointments, and get holiday hours over the phone’ : demo from Google CEO Sundar Pichai on YouTube vid

FH YouTube

VR CHATBOT - Cora, created by Fidelity Investments internal R&D unit Fidelity Labs, a combination of virtual reality for exploring investment goals and voice-commanded chatbot

Fidelity Labs YouTube

TRANSFER BOT – global money transfer giant Western Union has Facebook Messenger bot…

Western Union YouTube

...WU chief customer experience officer Stanley Yung says ’self-service Facebook Messenger bot is a significant lever for digitizing retail customer base’

Western Union YouTube

FAKE NEWS BOT - Facterbot, a Facebook Messenger chatbot from Andrés Jiménez, delivers latest fake news stories to users’ inboxes

Facebook Facterbot

SPOT BOT - ’report workplace harassment and discrimination without talking to a human’ with the Spot chatbot : check the CNNMoney report...

CNNMoney YouTube

...and use the Spot chatbot at talktospot.com
Spot chatbot

MERC BOT - Mercantile Bank of Michigan AI-enabled chatbot MercMoney lets customers interact on Facebook Messenger, Google Home and SMS ’to find out how much they have left in their grocery budget, what their income was last month...’

MercMoney YouTube

...discover more MercMoney facts using FAQs

MercMoney FAQs

HALAL BOT - Have Halal, Will Travel (HHWT) chatbot ’Sofia’ helps Muslim travellers search for halal food or find suitable prayer spaces from the HHWT website (www.havehalalwilltravel.com) : check the YouTube for more info

HHWT YouTube

TRAVEL BOT - Indian travel website Ixigo looks beyond chatbots With ’Tara’ (Travel Assistant & Recommendation Agent), its in-app voice-based assistant : more info on the YouTube vid

Ixigo YouTube

SIM BOT - Vodafone chatbot TOBi (iBOT, geddit?) a SIM specialist at the mo : ’Hi my name is TOBi. I can help you with all things SIM only. Where would you like to start?’

Vodafone TOBi

LIL MIQUELA - activist / model / singer / fashion influencer Miquela Sousa, aka Lil Miquela, aka Miquela, has 1,000,000 Instagram followers : not bad for a robot / avatar

Miquela Instagram

MORE MIQUELA - find out more Miquela facts on Wiki
Wikipedia Lil Miquela


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